Conference JULY 2014, Majorana Center, Erice, Italy:
Single file dynamics in biophysics, physics & related fields & extensions in higher dimensions,
ERICE & THE Majorana center
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ERICE & THE Majorana center

The conference will take place 4 through 9 July 2014, Majorana Center, Sicily Italy.

This is an interdisciplinary conference about:
1 mathematical, statistical & numerical results of single file dynamics in 1d and in higher dimensions,
2 processes in biophysics: dynamics in membranes, crowding, motor proteins, channels, etc,
3 process in materials science & applications: zeolites, bio sensors, liquid helium, spherical particles, etc.
*** We will encourage communications among biologists, other experimentalists & mathematical biophysics & physics scientists.

The Committee:
Ophir Flomenbom, Flomenbom-BPS Ltd (Israel): Chief director,
Fabio Marcheosni (Università di Camerino & INFN, Perugia, Italy): Majorana Center director,
Francois Peeters (Universiteit Antwerpen, BELGIUM): director.
Helping crew: Alessandro Taloni (CNR-IENI, Italy), Ramón Castañeda-Priego (Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico).

We plan 27 lectures: 18 full lectures & 9 short lectures. We plan 3 poster sessions. The conference should include about 95 participants.
We invite lecturers from all around the world, e.g.: Europe, Asia, USA, central & south America.
*** Various scientists that approved participation in addition to the committee members: Jörg Kärger, Peter Hanggi, Michel Saint Jean, David Rees, Alessandra Cambi

The conference cost: 500eur including accommodation, transportation including to/from the airports, meals, special events, etc.
*** Regular participants will pay registration payment, 225EUR (upper bound: we work now on arranging additional resources). Payments are at the place, yet registration: now. Therefore: regular participants & those that want presenting in the conference, poster sessions, yet also lectures: please contact Ophir Flomenbom,

the conference one pager, the schedule , important general information, the related special issue (submit a project), the Majorana Center,